Box is at the southern edge of Minchinhampton Common, between the old woollen country towns of Minchinhampton and Nailsworth, both of significant archaeological interest. Although the distances on the map seem small, visitors will need their own transport to get the most out a visit.

Because of their historic aspect, beautiful churches and widespread family connections, they are attractive wedding locations. BoxVillageBandB is well placed for St Georges and The Holy Trinity churches as well as wedding venues such as The Old Lodge, The Kingscote Barn, The Matara Centre, Calcot Manor Hotel and Chavenage House. Both towns have local history collections, and are frequently used for family history searches. Volunteer staff can be available to assist in accessing the archives.

Perched on top of one of the Stroud valleys, the house, and the common stretching out beyond it, offer a fantastic vantage point of the local area. The common itself, 580 acres of wild grassland and home to grazing cattle and horses, is a popular spot for walking, cycling, horse riding and playing golf.

Of historical interest are the Iron Age remains, the Minchinhampton Bulwarks, large defensive earthworks, and various round and long barrows. These features can be seen easily on a walk across the Common.

The town of Minchinhampton is about a flattish mile long walk across the common and offers a few local shops, restaurants and pubs. Down the steep hill, about a mile long known locally as the 'W', in the bottom of the valley, sits the larger town of Nailsworth with an eclectic mix of boutique shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and proper local pubs!

We can offer recommendations for wedding party guests for the pre-event get-togethers, as well as the post-wedding lunches.